About Us

Eden Media was set up by myself, Eve Labeque. Born and raised in Liverpool, UK. Throughout my school education I always enjoyed and excelled in artistic subjects, however, at University I decided to study Computing at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. During both these courses I migrated towards multimedia and graphical topics, selecting modules such as computers in art, multimedia, web design, and usability. 

My first job, during my final years of study, involved me teaching multimedia and web design to undergraduate students, after which I created some freelance websites and multimedia applications. During this time, I found myself drawn to beautiful photography, and bought my first SLR camera and took two courses in my spare time. On several trips abroad I was able to practise my photography skills, resulting in a stock of artist shots which I sell on canvases today. See my photo canvases.

After leaving an academic environment, I came to work for a web design company, where I worked on graphics, video, and photography, for websites. This experience helped me to develop an understanding of industry and websites in the work place, which helped to focus my mind on what I really wanted to do... 

To start my own business creating creative, unique, beautiful web design and graphic design in Liverpool, along with shooting photography and video, with my partner Adam, who I met on our Computing course and who has a similar background in the field, and our great team of professionals.

I also love social networking. We also help businesses with social networking set-up, training and marketing. You can follow us on Twitter @edenmedia1, Facebook edenmedia1, and through our web technology blog. I hope you find our posts interesting and informative.

So now you're up to date. I'm waiting to see what happens next...