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7th Jan 2013

Sports Drive Promotions have commissioned us to design a site for them based on a sporting theme. The business has recently started up and provides Game Cards for various charities. 50% of all profit made goes to Charity. There are various prizes for winning the Game Cards, usually they are unique poems related to each charity, written by one of the business owners who is a poet.


One of the Game Cards they produce is to provide support for the Hillsborough Family Support Group, to help them finance their legal costs. Which has become extremely popular at the moment. They are starting to become published and supported by footballers and celebrities at the moment.  I believe they have been on local news reports too.


Currently, the Hillsborough Game Cards are given out by hand at various venues, but with the cause being highlighted at the moment, they wanted to put the cards into an online version. We are making total redesign of their website with unique sport-based design created especially for them, and creating an online version of the Game Card so that many more people can be reached and can play online. We are also including an ecommerce section to this new website, for selling various football and sports memorabilia, some signed, to help their profits.

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