Good Website Design for your Business

8th Jan 2013

While we all know that the way people look is not the only thing that matters in our personal relationships, ‘it’s what is on the inside that counts’, websites however are a very different matter. Design, attractiveness, and being usable, is very important for a website and its relationship with your clients. How a business is perceived, is vital to pulling in potential clients, and this includes what it looks like online. You most likely wouldn’t show potential clients your brochures, services, products, or wares from ten years ago, or if they weren't to a standard you’d class as high, so why do the same with your website?

Recently, I have come across several SME’s which have either no websites or old websites with terrible design. Two of the worst examples have been, sadly, for card design and event dressing companies. I say sadly as both these businesses are what I would class as visual industries, in which aesthetics are very important to display their products and services, demonstrating just how beautiful and attractive their work is, is a large part of attracting new clientele.


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