Website Photography and Design

9th Jan 2013

Photographs should be shot to fit in with the design of the website. Composition and quality of the photographs are very important to show your business off to its full potential, and photographs should be taken with this in mind. The proportions of the picture are key, especially for banner images, which may be long and narrow and have text overlaid in places, obscuring parts of the photograph. So many older sites have photographs stretched out of proportion, to fit the spaces they are required, which does not look good or give a good impression.

Photograph colours should be vivid and the contrast and brightness correct. A photographer or photo editor will make sure a photograph looks good in this way. A professional photographer may also take things away or add things, when either composing a shot or during the editing process making a photograph the best it can be. For example, I recently added a bush to cover a blue tarpaulin in a shot of a garden. I also whiten people’s eyes and teeth, and remove fine facial lines, in portrait shots. Even for images not integral to the page design, such as those in an image gallery, composition and quality are important, to show off your business to its full potential.



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